How To Take Care of Your Bath Towels

How To Take Care of Your Bath Towels

The smallest of luxuries can feel like such a treat. Like stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a beautiful, absorbent Turkish Bath Towel. Keeping your towel clean and cared for will optimize the experience and elongate the lifespan of this little morning luxury.

Investing in high quality hand loomed and GOTS organic cotton bath towels are the first step. The hand-loomed structure ensures strength and longevity of the product and the organic cotton threads absorb and release moisture quickly to ensure the best user experience.


How to Wash Towels

 When your beautiful towel first arrives, we recommend soaking it in cold water for 12-24 hours. Organic cotton is a relatively raw material compared to its chemical treated counterpart. This soaking allows the fibers to bloom and reach optimal absorbency. Read all about blooming, here. 

Everyday care is simple. Wash with like colours whenever possible. This will keep light neutrals light and vibrant colours, vibrant.

Give them space in the washing machine, don’t overcrowd. Towels are made of the most absorbent cotton and will soak up lots of water in the cycle. Make sure the machine is less than two thirds full so they can properly cycle and release that moisture.

Natural detergent is best and use less than you’d think. 

Avoid fabric softener. Fabric softener is artificial, it creates a “soft” film or layer on the fibers which then prevent moisture from being absorbs and essentially hinders the towel from doing what it’s created to do.

Avoid bleach. Bleach breaks down the fibers and can cause that crunchy towel feeling. Instead add sodium bicarbonate to the load for a vibrant boost. Or use a natural stain removed for spot treatment.

 As for temperature. Cold is ideal. However, warm is ok too.

How often? It’s ideal to wash your towels after 3-4 uses.


How to Dry Towels

The key is don’t bake them. Low to medium temperature is best.

If you ignore every other tip, we’ve laid out this is the best one to practice. Over drying the towels cuts down on their overall lifespan.

Again, avoid fabric softener. This means dryer sheets that are coated in that softening agent that creates a faux soft film over the fibers.

Use wool dryer balls. They cut down on dry time but circulating air better within the dryer and they help with static cling. Better for the environment all around! Win win!

When your towels are dry fold them immediately for less wrinkling or hang them on display in your bathroom. They are a handwoven piece of beauty after all!


Other Care Tips

 Loose thread. It happens to all towels. It feels a little stressful when you find a snagged loop of thread on this investment piece. Just snip it! Use sharp scissors and tip it to the same length as the rest of the loops and you are good to go. The integrity of the weaving structure will not be compromised.


Enjoy Your Turkish Bath Towels 

Last but not least… enjoy your lovely and luxurious Turkish Bath Towel. They are handloomed to bring you a moment of simple joy every day when you step out of the show.

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