Sunday List no. 001

Fall is in full swing. I think there's more foliage on the ground than on the trees at this point. There is a lot to love about this season. I recently revisited When Harry Met Sally on a rainy weekend. It really stands up, I'm a big Nora Ephron fan. Her books are genius too. She was such an intelligent writer who wasn't afraid of femininity in her work. It's still to this day, refreshing and funny.
Welcome to what I hope will become a routine for this Weft End Journal that until now has been non-existent. Sunday Lists! Things I love around the internet and life too I guess as I may include a book or a movie here or there. A weekly list seems like a nice manageable thing to share and keep up with. So here we go with no. 001!
  1. To start with the list theme I recently picked up Moorea Seal's 52 Lists book. I'm enjoying spending a few moments each week to think about things that bring on feelings of gratitude.
  2. Handmade things have a special place in my heart (obviously!). Loving this quilter's Instagram feed.
  3. How gorgeous is this seaside house?
  4. Blue Gold, a documentary on denim in American was super interesting.
  5. I wash my face with honey. For real. It's amazing and if you have trouble skin you should read this. Also, it feels nice and smells beautiful. 

Until next week,


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