A Note To Our Customers

To Our Dearest Customers,

I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you our wonderful customers while this pandemic unfolds. 

The health and safety of our communities is the number one priority. As everyone takes the advice of health officials to stay home and practice social distancing we have real hope of flattening the curve of the virus.

Right now, small businesses are making the tough choice to close their doors and urge their employees and customers to stay home. These are small and courageous decisions. At this moment we are lucky to be primarily an eCommerce brand so our virtual doors are still open for business. But 25% of our income comes from our stockists and they will be hit hard and we (like many small brands and makers) are certain to feel those effects in the coming months.

I'd planned to go to Turkey to work on the next collection in April but that has been indefinitely canceled.  I'm not sure what the future holds right now for our communities and for Weft End. It's day by day for everyone. 💛

Great things to support right now:

- Support small brands and makers online when/if you are able.

-Consider buying a gift certificate to your local shuttered small shops and restaurants. This will help them with current cash flow issues.

-Look into local produce deliveries, this is a great way to support local farmers without leaving the house.

-Donate to your local food bank. As always these crises hit the most vulnerable the hardest.


Staying home is the most responsible thing to do. Let's keep taking care of ourselves and our neighbors.