The Story Behind Weft End

Weft End is a fine textile company focused on sustainable luxury. For us, sustainable luxury means placing a high value on products that are crafted to last.

All our products are 100% G.O.T.S. Certified Organic Cotton sourced in Turkey. Generations of craft and knowledge every piece handmade on shuttle looms and dyed with natural, chemical-free dyes.

handmade towels weft end organic cotton

The Process

The Handmade difference. Hand-loomed towels can last 5x longer than it's machine made counterpart. When the highest quality organic fibers are pair with the craftsmanship of our weavers, you have a match made in heaven.

Everything you find at Weft End is hand-loomed and hand-dyed with plant-based dyes. No chemicals or bleach have ever touched the products we sell. To create a gorgeous clean and bright white the ecru cotton threads go through a hot salt water process. How cool is that?

Old style shuttle looms began disappearing in Turkey just 20 years ago - making room for machines and in the process quality and craftsmanship was lost. We get our pieces from the last few weaving families working diligently to preserve the art and history of the loom. Threads are meticulously hand sourced for every batch of towels. Thread quality, combined with the timeless hand looming technique creates a superior product that will last in your home far longer than any product made on a machine.


My name is Angela Bateman and I am the woman behind Weft End. I started this company because I believe a product can be both beautiful & useful in our homes. Everything at Weft End is an example of old-world craftsmanship designed to be used every day in your home as a wonderful and ethical luxury.

I believe in quality products made to last. Our world is increasingly filled with waste, but there is an exciting trend afoot. Gradually more brands and consumers are choosing products made with care and crafted to last. Often these products are crafted using age-old techniques. Not only does this produce less waste in our world, but it provides a market and purpose for these artisanal skills, that would otherwise become extinct.

I live in a lovely little city on the Atlantic Ocean, Halifax, Nova Scotia. You might notice a lot of our pieces have ocean or seaside themes in their titles and that is a by-product of living by the Atlantic.