Our Philosophy:

At Weft End we believe in sustainable luxury. To us, this means investing in pieces that are made ethically and intended to last. #buylesschoosewell

Our 100% G.O.T.S. Organic Cotton products from Turkey have been crafted by hand with generations of artistry behind them. Weft End products are timeless and will outlast all trends to become loved members of your household for years to come. 

The Process:

Everything you find at Weft End is hand-loomed and hand-dyed with plant-based dyes. No chemicals or bleach have ever touched the products we sell. To create a gorgeous clean and bright white the ecru cotton threads go through a hot salt water process. How cool is that?

Old style shuttle looms began disappearing in Turkey just 20 years ago - making room for machines and in the process quality and craftsmanship was lost. We get our pieces from the last few weaving families working diligently to preserve the art and history of the loom. Threads are meticulously hand sourced for every batch of towels. Thread quality, combined with the timeless hand looming technique creates a superior product that will last in your home far longer than any product made on a machine.