Towel Care


An initial 12-24hr soak in cold water is recommended. We call this blooming and it allows the cotton to expand and assists it to be highly absorbent. After soaking, run through a gently spin cycle and tumble dry low.

All our 100% G.O.T.S. Organic Cotton towels get softer and more absorbent as you wash them again and again.


Machine wash on cold or warm with gentle, natural laundry detergent. Keep separate from things with zippers or metal buttons to avoid snagging the loops or tassels.

Low or medium tumble dry. Avoid over drying the cotton.

Never use bleach or fabric softener. 

For stains recommend a gentle stain remover. We like Seventh Generation or Baby Oxyclean works wonders too.


Any loose threads on the thick looped towels should be simply cut off with sharp scissors. It will not harm the towel.

If a pull occurs on our flat woven textiles, avoid snipping flat. Pull it out further (it might feel weird!) and then snip and tie in a small knot, snip the excess after the knot. However, if you do snip flat it will be fine.

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