What does Weft End mean?

In a weaving, you have weft and wrap treads. When the piece is on the loom the warp threads run vertically and the weft threads run horizontally. We liked how Weft End sounded a little industrial and it's directly related to our product line.

Why G.O.T.S. Organic Cotton?

Organic fibres perform better then chemically treated ones and last much longer. Cotton is naturally absorbent, it has been used for centuries to outfit our homes and ourselves. Chemically treated cotton fibres are now the standard because they cheaper to produce. Unfortunately, harsh chemicals from processing and dye break down and dramatically decrease the absorbent and antibacterial properties of natural cotton, and also pollute our homes and environment.

Read more about the G.O.T.S. Certification, here.

Why hand-loomed?

Hand-loomed textiles are crafted slowly and carefully. Each weavers skill creates a tightness and strength that is unmatched by machine made towels and textiles.

There is a human design element that we at Weft End have incredibly high regard for. Our pieces require true craftsmanship and artists at the helm. 

In our current world of modern technology we think it's credible that we are looking to old traditions and slow craftsmanship to find true quality that will last for years and stand the test of time.

Can you explain the pricing a little? Why is one style of towel $45 and another is $175?
Our pricing is based on two things, material and labour. The quality of materials is always of the highest quality but the amount of it in a piece makes a huge difference in price. Then there is the time it takes to create each style. Our light weight Peshtemals are $45+ because a weaver can make 2-4 per day on the loom and there is much less cotton than in our Turkish Size Bath Sheets, which take a weaver 3-4 days to make one piece.

Why does the price change from when I'm browsing to checkout?

We are a Canadian based company so you will be charged in Canadian dollars. You can browse in many different currencies but when you check out you will see the Canadian price. Your payment method of choice (paypal, credit card, etc) will automatically do the exchange for you and your payment will be what you originally saw while browsing.

I didn't receive shipping confirmation, is my item on the way?

Sometimes our Weft End emails go to your junk mail! Check that folder or shoot us an email and we can resend the info.


Why do you suggest "blooming" a towel before using it?

Do you know that feeling of getting a brand new towel and instead of absorbing moisture after a shower it just slides it around? We do too. And it's the worst!

Organic cotton is relatively unprocessed compared to its standard cotton counterpart. This soaking process essentially trains the fibers to absorb moisture. And with the flat woven towels you will notice they become incredibly soft after. 

If you don't do this it's certainly not the end of the world. Your organic cotton towel will continue to soften and get better year after year. The blooming just speeds along the process and optimizes your initial experience.

You can also bloom it later if you use it a few times and decide you want to give it a shot.

Do you have a storefront?

We are an e-commerce brand. We're based online! And we ship worldwide!

Have any other questions? Email us!