At Weft End we put sustainability at the forefront of our products and processes. The textile industry is notorious for its use of chemicals, it's waste and water pollution. 

We've gone back to the old world, slow methods of things made by hand to create fewer, better things.

It all starts with the agriculture of cotton. All Weft End textiles are made with 100% Global Organic Textile Standard Certified Cotton. You can read more about this certification, here.

Part of the issue with sustainability in textiles is the creation of cheap things that do not last and end up in a landfill prematurely. 

Entirely handmade makes a huge difference in longevity. Our bath towels are made on a shuttle style loom by skilled weavers. These weavers use methods that date back to the Ottoman Empire (how cool is that??!). Pair this skill with the highest quality cotton and you have a piece that is meant to last for years and years to come. Use every single day and the cotton blooms and becomes better and more absorbent as the years go on.

At Weft End, we like to avoid plastic whenever possible. Small orders are shipped out in 100% recycled poly mailers. Larger orders are shipping out in the smallest box possible with recycled kraft tissue.